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Adequate and appropriate lighting is not only essential for safety when working in industrial plants and administrative buildings, but also has an enormous impact on our mood and sense of security. Light not only promotes concentration, but is also becoming a critical economic factor in the face of rising energy prices. Modern LED lighting is an important component of energy-efficient and sustainable lighting. Geißler electric supports you in saving energy with well thought-out solutions.

Use light sensibly and save energy wherever possible and reasonable.

We are happy to plan and implement your lighting concept to let your building shine in a new light in an economical way.

tailor-made led lighting concepts provide the right perspective

Whether indoors or outdoors, light plays a decisive role in industry, commerce, municipalities and the private sector, both for safety and for the attractiveness of buildings and facilities. However, in view of constantly rising energy prices, it is becoming increasingly important to implement the aspect of lighting in an economically efficient manner.

Geißler electric therefore offers support through intelligent lighting control for indoor and outdoor areas. We are increasingly focusing on energy-efficient LED lighting. We also offer comprehensive solutions for illuminating buildings and mood lighting from a single source. In this way, we optimize not only the attractiveness but also the efficiency of your property. Rely on us for a lighting solution that always shows your company in the best possible light.

led lighting solutions from geissler electric bring light into the dark

low energy consumption

LEDs have extremely low energy consumption – saving you money and protecting the environment.

long service life

With their very long service life of several tens of thousands of hours, LEDs reduce replacement intervals and ensure efficiency.

different areas of application

Thanks to their virtually low heat generation and small size, LEDs can be used in a wide range of applications.

flexible and emotional

LEDs offer the possibility of multi-color illumination and dimming, which enables extremely flexible and emotional lighting options.

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Gerhard Geißler