building automation
- for more safety, comfort and sustainability

intelligent control of all technical equipment
of your homes your company your administrative buildings

Professional building automation is the future of electrical engineering and the basis for increased functionality and comfort.

This includes, for example, precise control of room temperature and humidity, intelligent lighting control for adjusting light intensity, color and effect lighting, security systems, multimedia, trouble-free operation and much more.

Our expertise in building automation enables us to develop and implement individual concepts using WAGO technology. In doing so, we take into account all the necessary requirements to reliably realize your project.

into the future with smart solutions - discover the range of possibilities

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)

Automated systems can adjust room temperature, ventilation, and air quality according to demand, enhancing comfort and optimizing energy consumption.

Lighting systems


Intelligent lighting systems regulate brightness, color temperature, and switching on or off based on occupancy and natural daylight.

Security and access control systems

Automatic monitoring, access control, alarm systems, and video surveillance contribute to building security.

Building communication systems

Automated systems enable communication between various building components and facilitate remote monitoring and control.

energy management

By monitoring energy consumption, building automation systems help optimize energy usage and reduce costs.

Intelligent building control

This includes the integration of all automated systems within a building to enable centralized control and monitoring.

Building and room data analysis

The collected data can be used for trend analysis, predicting maintenance needs, and optimizing resources.

Building automation makes life easier.

Building automation can be used in both commercial and residential buildings, contributing to improved efficiency, comfort, and security. The use of sensors, actuators, control systems, and connected technologies plays a central role in implementing building automation solutions.

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Gerhard Geißler